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Luxury of the Skies

From the era of kings and queens to modern day lifestyle, the definition of Luxury has created a benchmark in the hospitality industry. The hospitality across the globe has seen rise in the extravagance and today the world has seen ultra-modern cities loaded with dazzling infrastructure, transport and lifestyle. Luxury in the hospitality industry was always presumed as a resort spread across land with lush green gardens and a room with kingly facilities, services beyond expectations which creates unforgettable memories for you and your guests.  Today, the hospitality is elevated to a new level. Ever imagined a lavish lifestyle at 35000 ft off the ground?? Well now a days, Singapore airline is personifying luxury through the skies.

As you read, we are not only sharing our personal reviews, but also the best possible...

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The Land of Luxury


Dubai, once a land with just desert around, today stands tall as one of the modern day city. The land of the Arabs has been structured as the most advanced cities in the world. The downtown area has tall structures and buildings with equipped advanced technology, ultra modern infrastructure and luxury beyond imagination and exceeding expectations in every way.


                                           Satisfy your wanderlust in Dubai, ne of the world's most ... -->

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Cruise Tourism India

Cruise Tourism has revolutionized the tourism industry worldwide and has become the fastest selling tourism product . Today, cruise tourism has started contributing towards economies of cruise friendly destinations. The diversity of the product is such that it automatically adds attraction to the overall experience of the customers . Although being an expensive product, cruise tourism has managed to create its own market and a price diversity accordingly.

Today , there are many emerging cruise destinations across the globe . Recently , the Asian continent has become the eye for attraction for many cruise liners and global travelers with Singapore , Hong Kong and China as some of the few popular cruise tourism destinations . However, soon to this list , India will be one of the key destinations to look out for . Currently, the...

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Memories of the Pink City

Memories of the pink city

India, once known as  ‘The Land of the Golden Bird’ and to this date,  my eyes still see the land which has an abundance of wealth and prosperity , the age old customs , culture and traditions. India is one of the oldest country on the globe and has witnessed the rule of many dynasties and rulers , the traces of which have been perfectly preserved in the form of heritage buildings, art and architecture , culture and traditions and much more which can be seen in the different cities of the  modern day India.  My journey took me to one such city which changed the whole perspective of seeing this beautiful country.



The city of Jaipur, the capital city of the ‘Land of the Maharajas ‘–...

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