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Cruise Tourism India

Cruise Tourism has revolutionized the tourism industry worldwide and has become the fastest selling tourism product . Today, cruise tourism has started contributing towards economies of cruise friendly destinations. The diversity of the product is such that it automatically adds attraction to the overall experience of the customers . Although being an expensive product, cruise tourism has managed to create its own market and a price diversity accordingly.

Today , there are many emerging cruise destinations across the globe . Recently , the Asian continent has become the eye for attraction for many cruise liners and global travelers with Singapore , Hong Kong and China as some of the few popular cruise tourism destinations . However, soon to this list , India will be one of the key destinations to look out for . Currently, the potential of India as a cruise tourism destinations has been limited due to several reasons.


 Here are a few reasons on why India should be eyed upon as the next major tourism destination :

 1. The Indian Cost line  -  The Indian cost line spreads over 5000 km with major ports on the west cost such as Kandla, Mumbai, Goa and Kochi to the east coast such as , Vishakapatnam & Chennai  . The cost lines are already serving merchant ships and closely monitored by the Indian Navy and Cost Guard . Although cost of Mumbai and Kochi are already active in welcoming the cruise liners to India , the other ports are on the verge of development of  becoming Eco friendly cruise ports.


2. The Indian Ocean & its connectivity  - The Indian ports are perfectly placed when it comes to sea connections to some of the most famous international tourist destinations  such as the cost of Maldives  which is almost 934 nautical miles which means 3 to 4 days at sea and the cost of Sri lanka which is almost 400 nautical miles and 2 days at the sea. There are focused routes already on the verge of development especially from towards the Arabian Gulf and the others Asian countries .


3. India as emerging outbound tourism market - With the growing numbers in outbound tourism market of India , the focus is more on travel experiences . Cruise tourism has been a highlight and with the development of Indian cost and more options easily available , the sector is expected to expand with leaps and bounds .


4. Inbound tourism in India - The numbers in terms of Inbound tourism has  grown especially in terms of the Luxury travel to India and for all the right reasons. The Indian hospitality has been recognized across the globe and has some of the finest hotels and resorts. Today , there are many luxury tour operators operating luxury itineraries showcasing the finest cruise liners and luxury hotels and resorts with  India as one of the major destination covering multiple cities within the country . This is a very niche market , however the numbers are expanding as we speak.


5. The Government initiatives towards cruise tourism  - The Indian government has recognized  the potential of cruise tourism which is why the government has framed Standard Operating Procedures for cruise tourism . Also, the state government of Maharashtra has decided to invest in the port of Mumbai to create world-class infrastructure according to the international standards . This is just the beginning !



  1. Cochin to Maldives - By Costa Cruise in the month of November
  2. Mumbai To Abu Dhabi - By Celebrity Cruises in the month of December

There are many more itineraries in pipeline which focus on connecting India to Singapore and India to the Arabian Gulf .

India is fast emerging as a potential destination for the cruise tourism and also has potentially strong market in the cruise segment in terms of travelers . It is estimated that with the right infrastructure and the development of port , India has a potential to host more than 2,00,000 guest's from different parts of the world . The outbound tourism industry is already developed and as rise of cruise tourism from India , the numbers are expected to grow by leaps and bounds. The government is also focusing on developing the domestic sector of cruise by connecting the east and west cost along with the Island destinations of India.


This is just the beginning of the revolution of cruise tourism in India  !